Creating a New Admin User

  • Only users with ‘Owner’ status are able to create a new admin user

To create a new user, the administrative user must:

1. Ensure you are logged in to Civil Space

2. Navigate to 'Manage Users' on the Menu

3. You'll arrive on a User listing page. Scroll to the bottom of the list of users and click 'Add New Admin User'

4. Provide the email address of the user and choose a role (follow our guide if you need helping choosing)

5. Press the 'Save User' button

If the user does not yet exist in your instance of Civil Space, you should receive a confirmation that the new user was created.

Additionally, the new user will receive an email, inviting them to 'Confirm their account'.  The account confirmation link is only active for 3 days and will allow the user to set their password.

If a user does not activate their link within this time they will need to be removed and re-added as a user which will send them a new link. If they cannot find it check junk/spam in case their email settings have directed the email there. 

Note: If you share a computer with the user you're creating the account for, they'll want to confirm their account in a different browser, as the browser that you're adding their account from is already logged in to Civil you!

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